Christmas is Coming!

It’s December 1st! It is officially the Christmas season and I couldn’t be happier. Prepare yourselves for cookies, candies, dinner party appetizers, and all sorts of holiday recipes. I have way too many things to bake in 25 days.

But first! A Thanksgiving recap:

DSC_7237 DSC_7257 DSC_7267 DSC_7388

This past weekend has been so wonderful. My family came and squished themselves into our too small apartment, we pulled out the leaves on our table and went to town!

DSC_7290 DSC_7295   DSC_7308 DSC_7306

And to avoid gaining a thousand pounds from all the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie, and other delicious things, we visited the redwoods and walked it all off. Talk about perfection! Dinner and a walk through the woods…

DSC_7322 DSC_7327 DSC_7320 DSC_7348   DSC_7354


I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving eating your favorite things and enjoying your favorite people. I know I definitely did.

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