February Happenings

This month has been kinda weird for me. I’ve been achingly tired for all February. Usually rolling out of bed is hard, but lately it seems even opening my eyes is impossible. Hence the slight lack of recipes these past few weeks. But March is coming and I have high hopes and too many plans. But first, here is February in retrospect.

1. Favorite Dessert find: This ridiculously adorable Special Delivery Tart. I want to throw a tea party as soon as possible and serve everyone their own little envelope of sweet peaches.

2. Oh wow. This looks like my dream meal. I can’t believe it. Herbed crunchy pan fried bread crumbs and pasta? Get in mah belly!

3. Soundtrack: It’s been mostly Josh Garrels who has been crooning along in my kitchen this month. I love laid back dreamy music and he’s the king of that genre. Plus sometimes he sounds a little country and I miss that. I used to hear more country when I lived in Nashville and although I’ll never seek out a Lady Antebellum song I do like the twang a little, to my ever amounting shame. *hangs head* I’m a little itsy bitsy southern deep down in my heart. I mean, these people invented sweet tea and perfected barbeque, how can I not identify? Moving on…

4. My favorite date: On Presidents Day the hubby and I decided to take advantage of a day off of work and classes (and the free Park Pass at National Parks) and drove about two hours south to visit Pinnacles National Parks. We scrambled a little on some cave like paths, grilled hot dogs, and generally enjoyed some beautiful weather. My better half graciously forgave me and my weak-sauce physical activity limits and didn’t complain a bit when we turned back instead of finishing the hike. He loves me too much. He also might be looking for another hiking buddy sometime soon. I’m pathetic. I’m also pasty white in this photo. #noshame


5. This month I have been obsessed with cupcakes. I mean, usually I am obsessed with cupcakes. But man. I spent hours thinking of 100 different cupcake flavors, the specific fillings, frostings, and toppings for each one. I dreamed of baking all 100 recipes in one year. And then I woke up and realized I was crazy. I still want to tackle all of my brain children someday because there are some really exciting cupcakes in my head still. The obsession is still there, I just understand that I have a full load of classes and dinner to make each day. Plus, who would eat all those cupcakes? Maybe I need to make more friends first.

6. Most viewed post: I was surprised by this one. I always expect people to be drawn to the sweeter recipes. You have proved me wrong, my dear friends. Twisty Blue Cheese Breadsticks it is!


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