Vintage Poinsettia Pinwheels: Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2015

What is even going on? Where did this come from? How on earth did Christmas get here? Honest to goodness, it was just summer, I swear.


I’m serious. I’m concerned with how quickly time is moving. I must be an adult now. Only grown ups say things like “Where has the time gone?” and “This year just flew by!” I mean, when you’re a kid a whole year is 1/6th of your lifetime. Years don’t fly by, they crawl. Just waiting until your birthday to arrive is freaking eons when you’re a kid.

But no, I must be old because I’m sitting here having a hard time realizing that Christmas is here. NOW. Let’s pause a moment because even though I am in a bit of denial about how the holidays snuck up on me, I am PUMPED. Christmas is here. It’s time to put up the tree (check!) break out the christmas music (check) go gift shopping (ummmm) and bake so many things I put myself and everyone around me into a pure cookie coma. (CHECK)

And since I’m feeling nostalgic for the long lost days of childhood when a year seemed like a reasonably long amount of time instead of a blink or two, I decided to make some cookies that my mom made for Christmas when I was a kid. I remember thinking that these cookies were sooooo fancy. There was the rolling and the cutting and the shaping and the sprinkling and then cherries. Cherries always means fancy in my book. I was pretty proud that my mom had such an exquisite taste in cookies. I’m still proud of my mom’s taste in cookies. She just knows which ones are the best. Mom’s are great like that.

The recipe for these cookies has been lingering in my recipe box for a long time and now that I think of it, I have no earthly clue as to why. These are great! They are perfectly tender with a sweet almond flavor that compliments the little cherry centers and a light crisp from the sugar sprinkles. Plus, they are just fun to make. I love how they are beautiful without needing to use cookie cutters or frosting or piping bags. I appreciate a wonderful frosted cookie for sure, but sometimes making that extra batch of frosting is a pain. It dirties more dishes, it takes more time. Sometimes it can turn cookie decorating into a weekend job instead of just an afternoon. But these pretty poinsettia pinwheels are ready to eat as soon as you take them out of the oven. They were perfect for this year’s Food Blogger Cookie Swap. I had a lot of fun packing up cookies and receiving treats from other food bloggers in the mail. It connected us all and I was able to be introduced to new blogs and recipes, which is always awesome.

I think these vintage pinwheels are so unique and that makes me happy. I actually forgot about how grownup I was while making these. I was a little girl again, getting flour on my shirt and sprinkles all over the counter. Seriously, the kitchen was a mess. It looked like a whale was making these instead of a small woman with functioning thumbs.

Happy baking everyone! What is on your list to make this Christmas? Don’t forget to check out all the food bloggers who were baking up a storm this month for the 2015 Cookie Swap. I can personally recommend Sara’s butterscotch oatmeal cookies from, Jennifer’s GIANT white chocolate cranberry cookies at, and delicious toffee chocolate chip cookies from Crystal at They were all scrumptious and beautiful! 😉


  1. Lisa@cluttercafe says:

    OMG these were AMAZING! Although my daughter hoarded them, I was able to sneak at least one. She’s 9 and is totally into sparkly food. They were gorgeous and delicious. Thank you so much for sharing these with me. Merry Christmas!

    • Candice says:

      Thank you so much!! My little baker heart is so happy to hear that you and your daughter liked these. I too, am “totally into” sparkly food, it’s too festive to resist. 😉

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