Happy New Year! Top Five Recipes from 2015

Hello Cuties!

We are now three days into the new year and I still feel a little bit shocked that it’s already here. 2015 was a year like any other, it had it’s wonderful ups and it had its terrible downs. However, all in all, at the end of everything the good came pushing through and overtook the bad.

Me and the happy hubby had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We were able to spend time with both his family and mine over the holidays, which is amazing and no easy feat. 🙂 Lots of travel and food and laughter. We had beach weather and winter wonderland weather. It was great.

Now we are home (a little fatter and lot happier) and I’m looking forward to all the planning and goal setting that 2016 brings. I’ve already filled out all of the blog posts, journal entries, and art projects I’m anticipating to finish for January in my new planner. Although it’s easy to quickly dismiss the passing year in excitement for the new one rushing in, it’s always good to look back and reevaluate. I’ve changed a lot since last year and so has this little Nifty Spoon blog. I was struggling with taking photos, staying focused, and coming up with original recipes. I feel so much more confident this year! Although still wary since I have so much more to learn. 😉 I’m excited and can’t wait to get back into my tiny kitchen. My fridge and pantry are clean and organized, my planner is full of potential posts and I have lists upon lists of recipes I want to try! In the reminiscing of nostalgia here are the top 5 recipes from 2015. Thank you so much, friends, for sticking with me and visiting Nifty Spoon. It means a lot to me in my little world. Happy New Year!

5.) Chai Spice Molasses Cookies

These might have been my favorite thing to eat, hands down. So soft and full of spicy goodness. I love any molasses based cookie, but when you add the spices from Chai tea in there these cookies become ultra irresistible.


4.) Kahlua Mudslide Cheesecake

Either you guys like it when I have funny and explosive mishaps in my kitchen or the idea of a creamy Kahlua dessert covered in chocolate is too hard to pass up. I’m guessing it’s the latter.


3.) Crispie Nutella Bird Nests

I had so much fun creating these little Easter Themed Treats, plus everyone loves Nutella. It’s a universal law or something.


2.) Spiced Crabapple Jelly

I was surprised with how popular this recipe was! I love making jam or jelly of any kind and crab apple is such a unique and interesting fruit to work with I should have known you guys would share my sentiment. I wish I had a crab apple tree nearby so I could make this whenever we run out.


1.) Wookie Cookies

And the number one post of the entire year! It’s really no surprise at all that these Wookie Cookies rose above the rest. Besides being adorable and perfect for this year’s release of the new Star Wars film, they were featured on several websites like Brit + Co. and Yahoo Food. I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I learned that this post was viewed not hundreds, but thousands of times! You guys rock!


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