Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I’ve been ambitious lately and I jumped into the world of French Macarons. I actually had never eaten one until about a month ago when someone at work came back with a box of them from NYC. It was the best cookie ever. Lemony, chewy and crunchy at the same time. I knew that making them on my own was considered pretty crazy since they are known to be impossibly tricky and finicky.

Painted Raspberry Macarons

Of course I ignored all reason and tried to make them anyway. So far I’ve made chocolate peanut butter ones, nutella ones, and these pretty painted raspberry ones. I seriously debated if I should put up a recipe for these for Valentine’s Day. I mean, they are perfect for the occasion. Special, loved by all (especially your gals if you celebrate “Galentine’s Day”) they show people that you actually care about them because

1. You spent a lot of time babying these super special cookies to get them just right. Sifting and separating eggs and counting each stroke as you stir the batter only 35 times! It’s slightly stressful. and,

2. You’re willing to share the beautiful result of your labor of love. It’s difficult, I admit, to give them away. But it really does say “I love you and consider you a nice enough human to give my macaron eating obsession and share them with you.” And really, that’s all we want from the day of love, isn’t it? Someone who is willing to give you their food? Exactly.

But! I get carried away. I don’t have a recipe for Macarons yet. I’m just not confident enough that I have mastered this yet. They are delicious, but the process isn’t streamlined, my feet aren’t tall enough, I haven’t decided on the perfect oven temperature, all those little things that make the perfectionist baker in me twitch a little. But believe me, a macaron recipe will be coming to Nifty Spoon in the future. Probably the near future since I’m a little obsessed with them and can’t seem to stop making them. So sit tight, Valentine’s! I will deliver a recipe in due time! Meanwhile, I have lots of great recipes for Valentine’s day if you’re looking for one. I’ll post them below. And remember, no day is too ordinary to spread a little love around with tasty baked things! At least, that’s my motto in life. It’s gotten me this far. 🙂 <3

Valentines Day Recipes:

1.  Red Wine Cake Truffles

2. Chocolate Coffee Custard Cups with Cherry Sauce OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3. Cherry Chocolate Chip Cake OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4. Grapefruit Peach Crush OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6. Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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