Mocha Mint Ice Cream (Dairy Free!)

I know, I’ve already posted an ice cream recipe. But I need you to understand a few things for me.

  1. Ice cream is life. Seriously, it is in my top five favorite foods. I eat it at least once a week. (In the summer it’s three times a week. Seven. I eat it almost every day, ok!?)
  2. There is a short period of time in the year when posting ice cream on a food blog makes sense. Realistically I have about three months when I can inundate Nifty Spoon with all the frozen delights my little heart desires.
  3. This ice cream recipe deserves the world. I’m 100% serious when I tell you that it rocked several people’s world. It’s amazing AND all your friends can eat it because it’s dairy free.

Yes, it’s almost impossible to believe, but this dreamy creamy super smooth ice cream doesn’t have any milk in it. A lot of dairy free ice creams are lack luster, I admit. Most of the time the texture is lacking and the flavor doesn’t help. It’s too hard to scoop, it forms ice crystals too easily, it’s too gummy…take your pick of problems. But! This mocha mint chip ice cream is none of those things. It is just as creamy and smooth as any ice cream made with dairy. It’s soft, but not too soft, easy to scoop and tastes UH-MAY-ZING.

The ice cream base is made with fresh mint leaves and just a little bit of instant coffee and the two flavors really complement each other well. Sometimes when you buy ice cream with a lot of flavor profiles it can get bogged down and heavy. Or worse, it tastes like chemicals! This recipe has just 6 ingredients (unless you add chocolate chips, then it becomes 7) and every single one adds a wholesome taste and creamy texture. My mom was visiting me for the week and since she has a dairy allergy I was determined to make her a delicious ice cream she could enjoy.

I can’t imagine going through life without cheese or ice cream. So a lot of the time when I’m in the kitchen I’m thinking of how I could make something dairy free so she doesn’t have to miss out. We hit the jackpot with this mocha mint ice cream. She said it was better than any other dairy free ice cream she’s tried, and most dairy full ones too. My mom has an all natural farm and is pretty selective when it comes to food so she knows what a good fresh ice cream should taste like. She’s a pro, you can trust her on this.  So get down with summer and break out your ice cream maker! This stuff is worth it.


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