10606302_10204848081952636_6140823016332598565_n Me:

Hi there! I’m Candice, a 26 year old girl woman trying her best to live joyfully and completely out here in Northern California with my incredibly patient husband who puts up with all my cooking and baking antics. Honestly, I’m just someone who loves her kitchen and making stuff in it. I am the baker, writer, recipe maker, and artist behind Nifty Spoon.

I love the month of September, foggy mornings, Forget-me-not flowers, song birds, cobblestones, baskets, tea cups (preferably ones full of hot, sugary, lemon tea), childrens books, pillows, fresh bread, big trees, over sized sweaters, big fluffy dogs, lemonade, writing letters and BAKING.

I LOVE my kitchen. It’s tiny, a little crowed from too many miscellaneous baking supplies, and is covered in crumbs most of the time, but it is the place I create, dream, dance, put off all other duties and responsibilities and thrive. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My handsome, funny, smart husband is the spice of my life. I would be a mess without him and I’m the luckiest woman for having him. He pushes me to be the best I can and he loves me through thick and thin. I never thought I’d be blessed enough to have him in my life and I still can’t believe it sometimes. My family is my support group. With them around I really have no need for other friends, they are the best. I spend hours talking to them on the phone every week. My mom is the strongest lady I know with the biggest heart on planet earth, and my sister is the feistiest and smartest pretty girl you’ll ever meet. My little brother is quickly becoming not-so-little any more, but he still makes me laugh more than any other person. Dad is inexplicably wise and loving. I usually feel really sorry for everyone else in the world for not having my dad be their father. They just miss out on so much, you know?


My Baking Story:


I have always liked spending time in the kitchen. My mom, my grandma, and my grandpa all taught me the little things as I grew up. Like how to properly roll out cookie dough, how to crack an egg, the importance of stirring the right thing at the right time. When I was in middle school I was in 4H and the cake decorating badge looked pretty cool. So, I bought a second hand Wilton cake decorating set and taught myself all the techniques from the handbook. I won a ribbon and was hooked.

After I graduated high school and had completed my first year of college I had a rough time. A lot of emotionally difficult stuff bombarded me all at once and so I took a year off of school, moved back in with my parents, and tried to pull myself together. A lot of my self diagnosed therapy happened in the kitchen. Cooking and baking relaxed me and made me feel like I could both explore and have control at the same time. It was then that I started my first food blog: The Purple Door Kitchen.

Also, from 2010 to 2014 I owned my own catering company called The Purple Door Bakery in Duvall, Washington. I learned SO many things during that time period. I learned what it means to bake on a large scale, how to interact with customers in the best way, and lots and lots of baking technique. I went from looking up how to follow a recipe on the internet to delivering five tier wedding cakes and catering hundreds of intensely decorated cupcakes and hosting graduation parties. I absolutely wouldn’t trade the experience for anything and I miss it a lot. But after getting married and relocating from Washington to California I had to put away the catering. At least for now.


Outside the Kitchen:

When I’m not baking or recipe searching or browsing through cookbooks you can find me doing a number of things. Right now I am going to art school to get a degree in Illustration and so my studies take up quite a bit of time. Art school is very time intensive and I absolutely love it. I feel so excited to wake up every day and learn more about developing my art. I also love reading, watching trivial netflix shows, crafty DIY things, and slowly creating a cozy atmosphere in my California apartment. One of my favorite things to do is pack up a blanket, some iced tea, and a few cookies and go to the park to sit in the sun with my husband.

And every Wednesday I go to Neighborhood Group, which is my church’s bible study. It has some of the best people around. We laugh, eat food, talk about anything and everything and support each other through life. We go to movies, have girl’s night, throw bonfire parties on the beach, or just hang out in good company. After my beautiful family, my art and little kitchen, my Neighborhood Group is my favorite thing about life.

Thank you so much for stopping by Nifty Spoon. I love each and every one of my readers. I know there are a billion food blogs out there and most of them are a billion times better than this one so it means a lot that you visited. I love comments, emails, and questions so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  1. Kim says:

    I love your new *About* section and the changes you are making. So Looking forward to the Strawberry Festival Cookbook. I know it will take some time, but I am Exciiiited!

  2. rachael says:

    I just think you’re fabulous in so many way! I’m a big fan even if i’m not nearly as disciplined a chef as you.

    Love you Candice!

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